FIRST PERFORMANCE is a professional and complete system for analyzing cyclist performance.
It defines the characteristics of the cyclist in his totality under the metabolic and muscular profile, going beyond the concept of FTP (functional threshold power) obtained with the classic methods (ramp test, 4 millimoles test, -5% of the critical power of 20′, etc..).
It is designed for the cyclist who wants to know his strengths and weaknesses perfectly and have his own training parameters.
It is designed for coaches who want to test their athletes with a new, total system.

For athlete

Determine your complete profile with key metrics, train your weaknesses. Track your progress in the history

For coach

Offer your athletes a complete, reliable, total evaluation system. Create your group, run tests, send reports and history directly from the platform

For team manager

Provide your team with a complete tool for assessing and checking the state of fundamental form in the preparatory and competitive phase


Load & VO2 Respose

Load & Lactate dynamics

Combustion of substrates