What is FirstH
Professional test for cycling

Firstperformance.it is a professional and complete system for analyzing cyclist performance.
It defines the characteristics of the cyclist in his totality under the metabolic and muscular profile, going beyond the concept of FTP (functional threshold power) obtained with the classic methods (ramp test, 4 millimoles test, -5% of the critical power of 20′, etc..).
It is designed for the cyclist who wants to know his strengths and weaknesses perfectly and have his own training parameters.
It is designed for coaches who want to test their athletes with a new, total system.


Neuro Muscular Profile of the cyclist

Peak data (force and power) applied to the pedal, absolute and normalized on body weight. Features linked to the time of application, with important indications for a personalized strength training in cycling, and the control over time of its evolution.

Body structure and composition of the cyclist

Complete body profile with data on weight, fat and lean mass (in% and kg), body mass indices, basal metabolic rate, metabolic index, etc.
Analyze the current situation, quantify the cyclist’s margins for improvement, follow his evolution over time.

Maximum Oxygen Consumption (VO2max) ~ Maximum aerobic capacity in cycling

Fundamental biological parameter in endurance sports (and not only ..). It expresses the maximum volume of oxygen that one is able to consume in the unit of time (absolute in ml / min, relative in ml / kg / min). The higher the VO2max, the greater the power output resulting from aerobic metabolism.

Maximum lactate production (VLamax) ~ Maximum anaerobic (glycolytic) capacity in cycling

This is the mirror of anaerobic capacity, it represents the maximum glycolytic power or the maximum rate of energy production from the glycolytic system.
For endurance cycling, a low VLamax is preferable, while for cycling disciplines involving sprints or short intense periods, a medium and high Vlamax can be an advantage. Note that a higher Vlamax will result in a greater utilization of carbohydrates with the same O2 uptake.

Anaerobic Threshold (AT) in cycling

Fundamental parameter for endurance cycling. It represents the saturation point of the equilibrium systems, beyond which the rate of lactate production in the muscle is higher than the rate of disposal. The continuous exposure time at this intensity is usually between 30 and 60 minutes, and also depends on the availability of carbohydrates (glycogen).

Use and accumulation of lactate in cycling

Trend in the rates of disposal and accumulation of Lactate (intensity dependent). It shows at the point of “inversion” the Anaerobic Threshold, the saturation point of the equilibrium mechanisms. These data are fundamental to set the intensity and duration of the active and passive phases according to the type of stimulus we want to give to the system.

Energy cost: rate of consumption of carbohydrates and fats in cycling

Energy consumption and share deriving from Carbohydrates and Fats. The Fatmax zone represents the intensity (power) corresponding to the maximum lipid oxidation (kcal / h), which is useful for work programs aimed at slimming and / or long-lasting performance. On the other hand, knowing the glucose oxidation rate at competition intensity (for example close to the Anaerobic Threshold) allows you to program the exact glucose intake.

“Custom” training zones for cycling

Training zones customized for the cyclist (non-classical expressed as a% of FTP) extrapolated from the analysis of their physiology. This allows to individualize the intensity of the workouts to the maximum, of each single repetition, for maximum training specificity.

  • Aerobic Zone AE
  • Anaerobic Threshold Zone AT
  • Maximum Aerobic Power Zone MAP
  • Lactacid work Zone (maximum production and recovery)
  • FatMax Zone

Complete history of the main data concerning the state of form, and body composition. This section allows you to keep track of the evolution of your functional parameters over time, their interaction, and body composition data.


The accuracy of the LA test for cycling is very high, by directly measuring the breaking point of the equilibrium of the lactate production and disposal system, there is no error on the data concerning the Anaerobic Threshold, while it is minimal on the derived data ( VO2max, Fat & Carb oxidation).
The CP test for cycling, which is simplified and can be performed independently by the athlete, obviously suffers from the degree of accuracy of their power meter and the athlete’s ability to give their best in every single test required. Net of this, the data are very precise and aligned with the LA test and other tests carried out in the laboratory where the metabolimeter, the lactameter, etc. are used, with a maximum tolerance deviation always very low (within 5%).


The practicality and simplicity of a protocol often determine its usefulness.
FirstH + offers both the cyclist athlete and the coach the opportunity to perform a simple but extremely complete and accurate test in the analysis of the cyclist’s physiology.

For the athlete
  • After creating an account you will receive all the info by e-mail; buy 1 or more CP tests
  • Perform your CP test during one (or two) dedicated training session
  • Log in to your account, select “new CP test” and enter all the required data
  • Receive your complete analysis within 24 hours!
For the coach
  • After creating an account you will receive all the info by e-mail; buy 1 or more CP or LA tests
  • Create your team, have your athletes perform CP or LA tests
  • Log in to your coach account, select “new CP or LA test” and enter all the required data
  • Receive a complete analysis within 24 hours!

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